Ionic Cleansing Detox – Menopause, Cramps, Skin & Sleep Problems
Acne, Stress, Toothaches, Wrinkles, Aches and Pains and more.

Ionic Cleasing Detox

Menopause Symptoms
Menstrual Cramps
Sleep Problems
Aches and Pains

Ionic Cleanse Detox                                                                              $65

Reduces menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, skin & sleep problems, acne,
restlessness, stress, toothaches, wrinkles, aches and pains and more.

Ionic cleaning and recharging

Works based on Bio Electric Field Enhancement

Assist in disease and recovery time from injury and surgeries

Can also assist with headache and pain relief joint stiffness improve sleep patterns removing heavy metals menstrual pain arthritis pain and swelling and boosting the immune system

Can improve kidney and liver functions

Energizes your blood cells

While immersing your feet in the water, positive and negative ions are emitted by the Machine, which re-energize the body.

This type of machine is described as a Detox Machine because the response of a rebalanced body is to excrete any excess toxins via the kidneys, liver, bowels, and skin not only during but after the treatment. Therefore you will experience the beneficial effects of your detox experience for several days.

The entire process takes 30 minutes for adults and is completely safe to use. It is however not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, anyone with a pacemaker or an organ transplant. Also no person effected by epilepsy or on blood thinners. It is similar to walking in the sand along the beach, only more powerful because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being made in the water.

Water has an almost perfect balance of positive and negative ions. Since the body is composed of 70% water, it’s ability to interact with the water is very high. When you immerse a body mass into water, the vibration frequency in the water will affect the vibration frequency of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electric field. It is an exceptionally wonderful and natural healing tool. It is painless, actually relaxing process, and unlike prescription drugs, there are no harmful side effects. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excess quantities of waste products.

During a 30 minute session, the ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid waste. This process is called reverse osmosis.

Studies show that an overall balancing effects occurs, along with a significant increase in the number of negative ions. Ions are atoms or molecules that have lost or gained electrons. If the atoms or molecules lose electrons, they become positively charged ions.

If they gain electrons, they become negative charged ions. The ionic technique of cleansing thru feet provides a full body purge of all vital organs, resulting in reduced menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, sexual problems, skin problems, acne, sleep problems, restlessness, stress, toothaches, wrinkles, aches and pains and more.

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